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Editor’s note: We share with you a letter we received this week. The author, Alan, explains to the pastor of the Adventist church he had been attending until recently why he can no longer remain an Adventist. He is sharing this letter for the sake of bringing glory to God who has released him from the deception of a false prophet and who has spoken His final word through His Son, Jesus Christ. Certain phrases in this letter have been modified with Alan’s approval to clarify the meaning he was expressing.


Dear Pastor,

In good conscience, I can no longer remain a member of the Adventist denomination. I do not believe all 28 Fundamental Beliefs, so I feel like a hypocrite keeping my name on the books. I will list my primary concerns below.

1. It is a proven fact that Antiochus Epiphanes fulfills the prophecy of the Greek little horn of Daniel 8. If one reads the history of the Macabees, it is clear that the time period and the events fit the prophecy perfectly. Furthermore, in Daniel 8:13 the angel asks how long the sanctuary would be under attack. Interestingly, he doesn’t ask when the atrocities against the sanctuary would happen; instead, he asked how long the siege would last once it occurred. The answer is 2300 evenings and mornings—not 2300 days. Moreover, the heavenly messenger said the sanctuary would be restored, not cleansed. The KJV rendering that the sanctuary would be “cleansed” is a mistranslation, and Adventists depend on this version to defend the lie of their investigative judgment.

2.  Atonement made with God over the scapegoat as described in Leviticus 16 cannot represent Satan fulfilling part of the atoning work of the pure Lamb of God. Azazel (scapegoat) is often interpreted  “the goat of removal”, and John the Baptist declared Christ to be the Lamb of God that takes away (removes) our sins. Jesus removes our sins permanently and as inaccessibly as if they were thrown to the bottom of the ocean. There is no doubt that the first kid offered on the Day of Atonement provided the sacrificial blood to atone for Israel’s sins, just as Jesus’ blood atoned for the sins of the world. On Israel’s Day of Atonement, though, since the first goat was sacrificed, the foreshadowing of Christ’s work of removal had to be fulfilled by a second goat called the scapegoat. Significantly, today a scapegoat is one blamed for something he didn’t do. Clearly that second goat could not represent Satan. And by the way, who do you think the fit man represented that led the goat away? Well, there is only one Man fit enough to do that: Jesus the Christ.

3. When Jesus ascended to heaven, he ascended to the most holy place and sat down, having obtained eternal salvation for us (Eph. 1:18–23; Heb. 1:13; 2:9). In fact, He said, “It is finished” on the cross. Ellen White (EGW), however, had Jesus reapplying his blood for 1810 years in the first compartment when Hebrews tells us he did it once for all (Heb. 7:26, 27).

4.  According to Paul, the Holy Spirit, not the Sabbath, is the seal of God. I have already been sealed by the Holy Spirit and have His presence in my heart guaranteeing my inheritance (Eph 1:13,14).

5. There is no investigative judgment. Jesus declares in John 3:18 that those that believe on his name are not judged, and again in John 5:24 He says those who believe in the Father pass out of death into life and do not come into judgment. (Also see Romans 8:1.)

6.  EGW claims that our sins are only pardoned on the cross but are not blotted out until her investigative judgment is completed.

7.  EGW says our works are judged by Christ in her investigative judgment to see if we are worthy for heaven. This teaching is pure heresy. Jude 1:28 says that Jesus is able to keep me from falling and presents me faultless before the throne. I’m saved by faith; I am not considered worthy because of my doing good works. I am under grace.

8.  I share in the righteousness of God because of my union with Christ. My own righteousness is as filthy rags, and I will never be perfect until I am glorified. There is no good thing in my flesh. Those that think they will be perfectly righteous enough to stand before God without a mediator are blind and foolish. (This verse from the Complete Jewish Bible helped me better understand this idea: “God made this sinless man be a sin offering on our behalf, so that in union with him we might fully share in God’s righteousness” [2 Corinthians 5:21].)

9. EGW attacks the precious blood of Jesus over and over. She says we shouldn’t declare ourselves saved even when we have trusted Jesus.

10. Finally, I have one more reason for discarding EGW, and it is found in 2 Timothy 3:16–17 (KJV):

“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.”

Paul tells us that we are thoroughly furnished unto all good works through Scripture given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It is heresy to think that a mentally disturbed person led by an unknown spirit guide could provide any guidance and wisdom to help me live, especially since we share in God’s righteousness. Furthermore, we are told what the work of the Holy Spirit is in Philippians:

“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure” (Phil. 2:13 KJV).

By living in the Spirit, I am complete.

I could go on and on about the heresies I’ve believed all my life. The truth, though, is that when I rejected EGW, Christ came into my heart. With her out of the way, I saw I could trust Him.

EGW is an admitted plagiarist. She stole the works of others and copyrighted them under her own name. Additionally, she is inconsistent. She writes beautiful things about Christ and then denies his perfect salvation. Satan, though, is a master at presenting truth and then lacing it with error that makes a liar out of God—exactly as EGWs writings do.

Moreover, EGW is not the continuing authority that explains Scripture and righteous living. The Holy Spirit is the author of Scripture, and EGW’s writings contradict and attack the Bible many times.

Furthermore, EGW prophesied many things that never occurred. When we test a prophet using the Bible’s guidelines, however, we know that God is not in the messages of those who steal other prophets’ words or prophesy things that don’t come to pass.

Yes, there is a lot of good in Adventism, but the church is founded on a lie. This email is my official resignation from the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In good conscience I can no longer be associated with the false doctrines and heresies it teaches.





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