Does It Jibe with the Bible?

Back in September, I released this video into the Internet world. In this digital story I share my journey of discovering that what I was taught as a child about the Bible wasn’t really in the Bible. The video is full of visuals and concrete, yet non-threatening, evidence of how the Adventist worldview is fed to children.

The video is something I’d been plugging away at for about three years….slowly, but surely (I have young kids). Though I was excited to finally share it and “put it out there”, I was nervous about the feedback I would receive from family, friends, and anonymous strangers who can sometimes be vicious online, especially when they’re hardcore Adventists. However, the negative reaction never came, though silence frequently did.

Instead, I began to get private messages telling me how the video helped to start conversations with Adventist friends. One person wrote me saying, “I just got off the phone with my sister and we discussed the video. It opened a door for me to share some inconsistencies in Adventism. Here’s what my sister said to me, ‘What do you do after you hear something like this?'”

I’m sharing the video here in hopes that it will help you get the conversation started. I hope you start poking the proverbial elephant in the room and see what happens. I hope you will ask the tough question, “Do these Adventist stories jibe with the Bible?” Please know that I’m praying that seeds will be planted in fertile soil.  The link is HERE.


Delina McPhaull

Delina McPhaull

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