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  1. Since the new covenant is the law of God that was written in STONE is now written on our hearts – the Ten Commandments – and remain in effect for all mankind – including Israel of the spirit – true Christians – your “ministry” has no truthful reason to exist. The new covenant of course includes the fourth commandment.

  2. Brian, even if the Sabbath were true (and I am addressing your arguments in the Common Defenses of the Sabbath post) the ministry of Proclamation has many reasons to exist. The errors of SDAism are far greater in number and in severity, than just the issue of the Sabbath. In my mind, Sabbath is one of the more minor errors of the SDA church. And Proclamation has done a great job exposing these errors.

    For instance, at the foundation of SDA errors is their view of inspiration. SDAs not only reject that Scripture is 100% true and trustworthy, they actually proclaim (in agreement with their prophet) that Scripture has to contain error because it has human authors. Scripture never suggests that Scripture is anything less than perfect and accurate. SDAs have taken the word of their prophet over the Word of God. And this is the root of all of their subsequent errors.

    SDAs have a very different view of God than the Bible teaches. They use the word Trinity, but reject the Biblical teaching that God is One Being. Instead, the SDA teaching of God is that it is a collection of 3 beings who usually agree with one another. The Father, in the SDA view, is not a Spirit-as Scripture claims-but a physical being. Scripture says in Luke 24:39 that spirit doesn’t have flesh and bones, yet the SDA prophet says that the Father has a physical body, so SDA doctrine follows the prophet rather than the Bible. The Son, in the SDA view, could have failed. For SDAs, Jesus’ primary purpose was to be our example of how sinful flesh could keep the law. Again, this concept is based on the flawed writings of their prophet. Finally the SDA view of the Holy Spirit is similarly flawed. Many SDAs continue to teach from the pulpit that the Holy Spirit is only a force, not a person. SDAs have replaced the Holy Spirit with the Sabbath when defining the seal of God. SDAs have replaced the Holy Spirit with Ellen White by referring to her as the Spirit of Prophecy-the true Spirit of prophecy is the Holy Spirit who gave words to all the prophets.

    In addition to flawed views of Scripture and of God, perhaps the most important error within SDAism is that it teaches another gospel. The SDA gospel is based on the unbiblical (and even anti-bibilical) concept of the Great Controversy. The True Gospel is based on the unmerited Gift of God. In the Great Controversy, God needs man’s salvation and redemption to resolve the charges brought against Him by Satan. In the True Gospel, salvation is an undeserved gift that God graciously chose to bestow on man. Salvation is self-serving for God in the SDA gospel, it is the ultimately act of selflessness in the True Gospel. In the SDA gospel, the gift of salvation is given with strings attached, after receiving the “gift” you must then do enough to deserve keeping it. In the Biblical Gospel, the gift is truly a free gift, no strings attached. In the SDA gospel, righteousness is something you work at doing (with God’s help), in the Biblical Gospel, righteousness is credited (given) to those who don’t work.

    The errors of SDAism are so pervasive and so grievious that ministries like Proclamation are vital at helping people avoid SDAism and assisting people out of SDAism.

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