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  1. So enjoyed Rolaant McKenzie’s from Ellen White to True Light. I visited an SDA church after years away. I so enjoyed this church and looked at making it our official church home, but told them i had left one years ago. They were sure it was a misunderstanding. I finally explained to one that it was over Ellen White mostly. Then, they gave me a booklet, and also i saw something from Rose’s chart about denominations. I thought they were wrong about something for the SDAs and asked the church for clarification explaining if they were correct, then the SDAs do not believe in Righteousness by Faith. They never came up with an answer though i pushed. I started researching and discovered what they meant by Investigative Judgment. Not good! Eventually i remembered a name from the past: Davenport, and researched. That is how i read this great article! Perfect timing!
    I praise God because i was wondering if i were wrong…these people are so wonderful and Godly. They have been so good to us. My son has Down Syndrome and has never been accepted by any church before. It has changed him. He is gaining confidence and is talking. After all these years. But the last 2 weeks, they have been chillier. I do not hide my own beliefs and that conflicts i know.
    Twice we were with them for devotions which non sdas don’t do any more, but they read some EGW devotional that said how satan was tricking Christians about sabbath and if they did not, they would not enter heaven. It was an EGW quote. This is a vague summary. I was so upset hearing it. It made me angry. I knew she read it for my benefit. Another one was if not keeping the commandments we could not go to heaven. SDAs get to decide which commandments, i guess, because at Bible study, they really got into stories about clean and unclean. I feel that old choking feeling returning, but am sorry for my son because we cannot be under bondage again. In fact, i ran into Gal.5:1, which was so appropriate. The Bible just opened there! Ha!
    Thank you for the website and great articles. God Bless sorry this is so long.

  2. Lenore~

    Thank-you for sharing your experience~
    GOD has a plan for your son and He will reveal it to you at just the right time!
    He is never late!

    I believe there are No “Co-incidences” in life~Only “GOD-incidences” !
    Praying for you~

  3. Dear Proclamation contributors,

    I am having a hard time nailing down the SDA stance on the classical Christian view of
    “Creatio ex Nihilo” , The view of Gods creation of the universe from nothing verses, for example, the Mormon view of creation. Based on comments I’ve heard from SDA ministers about the material body of God the Father, I suspect that they reject an ex nihilo creation, but I have not found a definitive statement from the SDA church. Seeing as philosophical studies such as the Kalam Cosmological argument are currently viewed as one of the best apologetic defenses for Gods existence ; a SDA denial of it may well be the nail in the coffin of Adventism. Thank you for your time in considering my question.


  4. Mr. Ratzlaff,

    I’d like to know if you are responsible for the size of the large pull-quote on page 28 of the current issue of Proclamation! (Spring 2016): “I was reminded how … Jesus is just a promoted being.” If it was published without your approval, then who was responsible for enlarging that already outrageous lie?

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