Dear Friend of Life Assurance Ministries,

Adventists continue to question and leave their organization. In August, 2017, we received an email that said, “I am an Adventist, and I want to know more about the grace message.”

We responded but heard no more until December 17:

I have finished studying the materials sent to me. I started asking questions in my church, and no one, not the elders or even the pastors were able to answer them…I thank God so much, because I now know that I am on the right path, and the articles in your magazines are true… I thank Jesus Christ for giving me life, and I thank Proclamation! for helping me leave the Adventist church and for impacting me with more knowledge concerning the Gospel. It is really the power of God unto salvation.

During 2017 we mailed two issues of Proclamation! to nearly 30,000 recipients plus an issue mailed in December only to donors and to those who have requested to be on the mailing list. Additionally, we have been sending the weekly Proclamation! emails with links to new articles uploaded to the Proclamation! Blog site. One recipient writes, 

 I want to thank you all so very much for these articles. Living in the Arizona outback, we have no church to attend. You are our church, and we love you tremendously and are so grateful that you are there.

While our printed copies are fewer, our total output of new articles has increased this year with the weekly Proclamation! emails and blog. Your year-end gift will help us to continue expanding our online presence, to translate more materials into Spanish and to post them online, and also to print magazines two to four times a year as funds permit.

You can make an eternal difference for many who are now caught in deception. Please help with a year-end gift now.

We thank God for you,

Richard Tinker, President
Dale Ratzlaff, Founder




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