We at Life Assurance Ministries are committed to continuing to make the print version of Proclamation! available free. We want to share the gospel free of charge (1 Cor. 9:18), and our deep love both for those who share our Adventist past and for those with whom we now share in the body of Christ compels us to live for the sake of exposing deception and clarifying Truth.

Our next issue will only be mailed to those who are either a supporter of this ministry, or have requested the magazine.


We are asking you to respond

You may respond one of two ways:

  1. You may email us at proclamation@gmail.com and say “Yes! Please keep me on the list”—and be sure you give us your name and current mailing address.
  2. You may mail in the envelope inside your print issue of the magazine and check the box “Yes, please keep sending Proclamation!” Be sure that you include your name and address.

Finally, we are grateful for your gifts. If the Lord leads you to be a supporter of Life Assurance Ministries you may donate online, or you may mail a check in the envelope enclosed in your print issue. We thank God for your gifts. Life Assurance Ministries exists because of partnerships with you!

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