Adventism in the News

“Holy Spirit disrupts Adventist pastors’ meeting”
The Adventist Review reports that an annual leadership training program was interrupted by the Holy Spirit “showing up” as a female pastor spoke. Readers’ comments reveal suspicion that women’s ordination was at the heart of the disruption.

Patient record breach discovered at Glendale Adventist
A hospital employee exceeded authorization and accessed 528 patient records; any breach of more than 500 must, by law, be reported to the media.

Adventist Church pledges support to new Ghana president
Departing from the denominational “separation of church and state” position, the director of the Southern Ghana Union Conference congratulated and promised support for the new administration.

Adventists tell prisoners sin comes from Satan
Women of South Pacific Tuvalu encourage inmates with Adventist theology: God didn’t create bad people; “sin comes from Satan and his lies.”

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