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Seventh-day Adventism Mar...

Seventh-day Adventism Marks “Sad Anniversary,” Corporate Failure

A look behind the Sabbath of prayer and recommitment commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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Flotation Devices or Sand...

Flotation Devices or Sandbags? A Parable

I warned the other person that what he was handing out was the wrong stuff. Once his group hit the water, what he gave them, drowned them.


The Role of Conscience in...

The Role of Conscience in Belief (Part 2)

  This is Part 2 of an article, by Dale Ratzlaff, that originally appeared in the  Jan/Feb...

Does It Jibe with the Bible?

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Does It Jibe with the Bible?
posted on: Jun 28, 2014 | author: Delina McPhaull

Eyes to See, Not to Criticize

  Our car was dirty, dusty. We could hardly look out of the windows without being reminded that we needed a...

Eyes to See, Not to Criticize
posted on: Jun 13, 2014 | author: Delina McPhaull


How can I make sense out of bad people prospering while good people struggle?

posted on: May 3, 2014 | author: Colleen Tinker

Why I DON’T Go to Church on Saturday...

  Over the past couple of months, multiple friends and family on Facebook have posted an article on why they go...

Why I DON’T Go to Church on Saturday
posted on: Apr 27, 2014 | author: Rick Barker
Perfectly Maintained

Perfectly Maintained

posted on: Mar 2, 2014 | author: Delina McPhaull

    Have you ever met a person with a perfect house and perfect yard or maybe perfect wardrobe, perfect hair, and equally perfect...

Ryan Bell: Losing His Religion

Ryan Bell: Losing His Religion

posted on: Feb 2, 2014 | author: Delina McPhaull

Ryan Bell is trading one form of unbelief for another. The story is really less sensational than it appears.

Come, Immanuel!

Come, Immanuel!

posted on: Dec 14, 2013 | author: Colleen Tinker

"Immanuel" means more than the fact that Jesus came as a man to show us how to live; "Immanuel" means He never leaves us when we are in Him.

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